Motorcycle Oil and Fuel Additives

Blends with all Mineral or Synthetic oils for gasoline and diesel applications. 0w-20, 10w-40, 20W-50 up to 75-120W gear oils and all Race Oils.  

Harley V-Twins


Harley V-Twins and motorcycles with a wet-clutch perform best when BestLine Oil additives are used. BRG Racing proves it on their Dyno and others like Jeremy that owns a Harley Dyna at Cycle Gear will tell you so. Quiet, powerful and smooth is what you can expect when  using BestLine Engine Oil Treatments. The extreme pressure and heat generated by the powerful Harley V-Twins need the extra protection provided by the  BestLine Engine Oil treatments. 

Another Cycle Gear employee and Harley owner says this:  

I started using the BestLine Engine Treatment in my motorcycle, I noticed instantly that my bike shifts much smoother than before. It also feels to have more power than before, which is great for me! My clutch seems to be smoother with more grab to it than with just oil alone. I'm deffinatley happy with this product!

Metric Bikes with Wet Clutches perform best with BestLine Engine Oil Treatments. The BestLine product treats the metal surfaces not the fiber pads in the clutch pack. That means the clutch pack will last longer, grab tighter with less noise. High RPM high horsepower motors need the protection offered by the BestLine Engine Treatments. 

- Product Engineered For V-Twin and all other motorcycles.

- Advanced Technology 100% Synthetic
- Reduces Friction And Engine Wear
- More Horsepower
- Optimized Wet-Clutch Performance
- Protects Against High-Temp Oxidation
- Keeps Engine Clean
- Reduces Varnish
- Better Fuel Economy
- Extends Time Between Oil Changes