Fuel Savings Calculator

BestLine Gas Conditioner Pays for Itself!

This calculator will help you determine your annual fuel savings cost using BestLine Gas Conditioner. Just enter your annual miles driven and your best guess at your current fuel efficiency (MPG), and we'll show you how you can pay for ALL of your BestLine products for the year and still have money left in your pocket, and all with a better running, longer-lasting, happier car to show for it.

BestLine Gas Conditioner saves you so much because it allows you to move to Regular gas (saving you on average 20% per gallon) while still achieving a better octane boost than Premium gas, AND improving your MPG by 5%. Just put 2 oz. of BestLine Gas Conditioner in the tank for every 10 gallons of gas added, every time you fill up, and we'll do the rest!