Oil Filter - Oil Pan Super High Temp High Power Magnets


Engine saver oil filter magnets

Why use magnets in the oil stream?  OEM's have been adding magnets to oil drain plugs and inside of transmissions for decades because they discovered how to keep harmful steel debris out of the lubricant stream to that helps to prevent excessive wear on mechanical components. 

We at Racing Additives have been using high tech neodymium magnets for many years. Recently there has been a new development in magnet technology that keeps the magnets strength over the high range experienced in the oil flow. 

Sold in pairs, these two powerful, 16lbs of pull force, compact magnets, simply attach to any oil filter or drain plug. Other popular oil filter magnets are large and get in the way, ours are small, simple and easy to attach and remove at a super low cost. The Engine Saver magnets should always be used with any high performance motor.  These Engine Savers magnets are rated at 302º F, most other neodymium magnets begin to loose strength at 175º F.  Its cheap insurance that really protects your equipment. 

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Particularly useful on new motors during the break in period and race motors.

We don't package these Super High temp magnets in anything special to jack up the price. The magnets will never fall off on their own. We are keeping the price low and the packaging simple to give you the best value and performance. 

High Temp 302ºF,  1/2" dia. x 1/8" thick, Nickel Plated, Axially Magnetized, Pull force 16lbs each, 13,200 gauss.

Don't be fooled by old style lager plastic incapsulated magnets, ours are more powerful, cheap and easy to use. Others charge as much as $89.00 for the same power but use larger old technology.  
Used with BestLine Engine treatments your motor will last many years longer.