BestLine Diesel fuel treatment

Diesel- All Season Fuel Treatment 16 oz

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Winterize with BestLine diesel fuel treatment combined with its Sulfur Replacement Technology (SRT), is well suited for every type of diesel fuel, minimizing bio-diesel, and reduces emissions and soot particulates. In using the product regularly, your engine will clean all fuel system components and improve the performance and fuel economy. With cold flow improvers BestLine Diesel Fuel Treatment will make your fuel flow freely to -30º F. 

Boost Cetane by as much as 8 points to reduce smoke, engine noise and improves power and mileage. 

One 16 oz bottle treats 80 gallons of fuel.

In line with anonymous testing, BestLine's SRT will lower the wear on your engine by over 25% in comparison to untreated ultra-low sulfur diesel.

BestLine uses the highest quality pure synthetic motor oil (group 4-5 base oils) and our patented lubricity agent to provide the highest degree of wearreduction, lubrication and thereby reducing heat and increasing horsepower. All BestLine oil and fuel additives contain our patented Extreme Pressure lubricity component and wear reduction agent. 

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