How Much MPG Can I Save On Average with A Fuel Saver?

How Much MPG Can I Save On Average with A Fuel Saver?

With today’s unpredictable economy and astronomical inflation rates, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and save money. Here is some good news — you can keep more money in your wallet, and more gas in your tank, with a fuel saver.

An improved fuel economy will save you money. Every time.  

Before we go into how much money you can save, let’s discuss fuel savers in depth. 

How Do Fuel Savers Work?

Fuel savers are an advanced combustion game-changer for both gasoline and diesel fuels. It’s synthetic and non-metallic, and adding a Fuel Saver to gasoline causes a chemical reaction that   makes the fuel burn more completely. 

The science behind the way this works is that when added, the fuel saver causes the molecules within the gasoline to ionize and separate. When the fuel molecules are spread out and not clustered together, this reduces surface tension. With reduced surface tension, the oxygen has better positioning and movement between the molecules, exposing fuel molecules with consistency to oxygen during the combustion process. 

Oxygen is the key to burn, therefore, an oxygenate, like a fuel saver, enables the chemical reaction for a more complete fuel burn to facilitate a better fuel economy, more power, and a cleaner burn for improved emissions.

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Fuel Saver Benefits

What are the benefits of using a top-of-the-line fuel saver from BestLine? We’ve already discussed how a fuel saver can reduce emissions and improve your fuel economy, but here is a detailed breakdown.

A fuel saver can:

  • Decrease fuel consumption between 9% - 15%
  • Reduce carbon build up
  • Keep the combustion chamber cleaner
  • Reduce emissions by up to 60% during engine idling 
  • Support engines subjected to “stop and go” movement 
  • Work in any type of gasoline or diesel engine

Fuel savers are especially beneficial to trucks. As truck engines require more power for heavier loads or working conditions, it’s important that their engines run efficiently. Let's look at what fuel savers can do for these machines. 

Fuel Savers And Trucks

Routine service with a fuel saver treatment can extend the life of your truck and maximize its performance by extending oil life, increasing mileage, and reducing heat and noise. 

Fuel savers work in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel blends. They are currently used in heavy duty diesel engine fleets as fuel savers are especially helpful with fleets subjected to a lot of “stop and go” motion, like municipal engine fleets such as sanitation vehicles and school buses. Fuel savers also help stationary diesel engines like power generators, compressors, and other heavy machinery. 

To add another layer of protection to your truck, use BestLine’s Diamond nanolube to safeguard the engine system from corrosion, oxidation, and thermal breakdown. Fuel engine additives are also good for trucks and vehicles that experience city driving or stop and go conditions,To learn about the benefits fuel engine additives can have on your vehicle, read our previous blog. 

How Much Money Can I Save?

There is a possibility to save a lot of money here as the savings really add up. Potentially, you can save thousands of dollars. The easiest way to get the best estimate for how much money you can save with a fuel saver is to do a little math. 

But don’t strain your brain — using an online calculator is the easiest way to calculate and estimate your savings.  

Save Fuel And Money With BestLine

Our products are second to none, and our customers agree. Read our reviews to get the scoop on fuel savers and our other products straight from the customers themselves. 

Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about our products and how BestLine can help!

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