Buy Direct From The Manufacturer To Get The Highest Quality Ingredients That Actually Make a Difference!

Since we insist on only selling the highest quality products, we sell directly to you to keep the price down. If we had to go through Reps, Distribution and Retail Stores we would have to put lower quality additives into the products, like the big boys do, in order to make a profit. We won't do that,  we care about QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

The King of The Hammers Race Preparations.

BestLine Racing Is Very Lucky to be able to Sponsor the 4507 Millers Race Team. See them on Instagram @4507MillersGarageRacing. 

Lots of new video coming that shows the build of this new Ultra-4 race car. 

Free products, stickers photos and more! 

See us at the race and get your hands on our latest new products for 2020. 

Come by and say hi to Mike Miller and Harold Fijman, co-driver at the biggest Ultra-4 event of the year. 

We will be at the King of the Hammers Feb 1st - 9th. 

See the 4507 Miller Race Team on the Ultra4 drivers page

New Product Release Coming Soon! See Us and The New Products At The King Of The Hammers Race with the Mike Miller Race Team

King of the Hammers Race 2020 Link

No other oil, oil additive or Fuel Additive can even come close to the Nano and other high performance lubricity agents in the Best Line Engine and Fuel treatments.

It protects all metal parts from heat, shock loads, stress and wear. AND provides you with more Horsepower and Fuel Mileage.

I'm always working hard to bring you only the best products. I test and validate everything under extreme racing conditions and guarantee results. 

I have over 30 years in the chemical and electronic controls for harsh environments with several patents. Finding a better way to protect your car, truck and other toys has always been important to me. 

We are a small, driven, high technology company that can move quickly to bring you the best products available. 

Come to the King of the Hammers Race!

Perry Anderson

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