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* BestLine Race Technology Increases Power & Endurance For Your Ride

Diamonds Are Forever! Diamond Nano-Lube brings much higher boundary layer protection with high heat protection.

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*Specially Designed for Todays Synthetic and Extended Service Motor Oil.* 

Make sure your car is ready inside and out with BestLine Engine and Fuel Treatments. 

            Proudly Made In The USA

Our New Race Formula Beats the Original Formula by 60%! ... Designed for Gas and Diesel Applications.

Why Do We Use Diamond Nano-Lubricant In Our New More Concentrated Engine Oil Additive?

*Specially Designed for Todays Synthetic and Extended Service Motor Oil.* 

After years of trying new formulas, we found a way to beat our original formula with the latest pure ingredients. Diamond Nano-Lube has been tested for over 6 years in the metal cutting sectors with amazing results. We've put it through our own rigorous testing and South West Research Test Labs certified those same incredible results in their lab testing.

The Diamond Nano Particles in the BestLine Racing Engine and Fuel Treatments act as tiny ball bearings that keep the boundary layer strong, smooths out the metal surfaces and is virtually impervious to heat and pressure. 

Exceeds all New Low Viscosity Oil Lubricating Requirements.

The Diamond Nano-Lube along with our other proprietary pure synthetic base oils and additives provide longer lasting wear and heat protection for your motor. 

No Solids, No Teflon (PTFE), or any other old school ingredients. Only the latest high quality additives are being used in the New BestLine Racing Engine and Fuel Treatments.

BestLine Racing Diamond Nano-Lubricating Technology - Made In The USA

BestLine Racing Nano Diamond lubricant technology is a unique nano diamond additive produced and structured for maximum benefit in reducing friction and wear of heavily loaded metallic surfaces in sliding contact.

Nano Diamond (ND) has no melting point, with particle size of 4-6 nanometers. These particles function by strong adherence to metal surfaces, using their small particle size to penetrate and carry lubricant into pores and tiny crevices within metal surfaces, where the particles orient themselves on the substrate and fill voids. This creates a smoother surface which reduces coefficient of friction. More importantly, the ND particles retain their function as tiny ball bearings under very high dynamic loads. This filling of voids in metal surfaces with spherical diamond structure reduces or eliminates scarring of the metal surfaces. ND additive, by virtue of its size and form, convert sliding friction to rolling friction, which reduces friction coefficient, and heat and wear generated by friction. ND additive has very high thermal conductivity, and improves thermal conductivity of any fluid it is added to. This helps transfer heat from the metal surface contact area into the bulk fluid. This reduces temperature at the contact points and helps prolong lubricant life. ND particles fill voids in metal surfaces, reducing surface roughness, while also displacing dirt, debris, and corrosion-causing moisture.

BestLine Racing Sponsors Race Teams

We love sponsoring race teams that are small and eager to make a difference. Chris Davis, Mike Miller and Dana Wardell are a few of the teams we sponsor. 

You will see us at a lot more race events of all kinds, motorcycle, land speed, NHRA, Ultra-4 and many others. 

Stay tuned for what we are doing with Valerie Thompson, the Worlds Fastest Woman on two wheels and soon the fastest person on 4 wheels using two V8 Race Motors.