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SPEND THIS SUMMER DRIVING YOUR CAR, NOT MAINTAINING IT. BestLine Engine and Fuel Treatments reduce friction and therefore the heat that is generated in the engine. Break the vicious cycle of heat from friction and make your engine last longer.

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We believe that everyone needs high quality engine protection that can prove it's claims. BestLine has 52 Worldwide patents and years of lab evidence that BestLine Engine Treatment really can improve engine life by 80%. No other brand of oil additive or engine oil can make that claim. BestLine helps break the vicious cycle of heat from friction expanding the metal resulting in more friction, which may ultimately cause engine failure. Conventional oil becomes less viscous at elevated temperatures and flows away from the heat. However BestLine is actually attracted to any hot spots. These hot spots are areas where tighter engineering tolerances make for increased friction and therefore more heat and wear. With the increased temperature there will be an increase in available charge, which attracts more of the BestLine molecules, bonding them to the metal surface. This provides crucial increased lubrication of the metal where it is needed most.