Do Fuel Boosters Help Gas Mileage?

Do Fuel Boosters Help Gas Mileage?

Currently in the U.S. we are experiencing the highest gas prices in our lifetimes. Even though fuel prices continue to rise, we must continue using our cars to get to work, school, the grocery store and anywhere in between. 

We also use vehicles like trucks and heavy equipment on the job and it can be wildly expensive to fill up that tank with diesel or gas. 

There’s nothing we can do about the cost to fill up our tanks, but there is something we can do to extend the gas mileage of our vehicles and stretch that tank of gas further. 

That “something” is a fuel octane booster

So do fuel  boosters help gas mileage? Let’s discuss it below! 

What Is A Fuel Octane Booster? 

A fuel octane booster or, fuel booster, is a liquid additive that you add to your fuel tank that increases the octane of the gasoline or diesel fuel. 

What this means is that by adding a fuel booster, your fuel becomes more stable and is “boosted” in order to improve the fuel and engine performance. 

Why Fuel Boosters Help Gas Mileage

As we said above, when fuel boosters are added to the gas tank it mixes with the gasoline and stabilizes it for better performance. 

Fuel, when heated and mixed with air, creates small “explosions” in the engines through a process called internal combustion. When these tiny explosions take place it pushes the pistons in the engine causing them to move and power the vehicle. 

When fuel boosters are added to fuel, it increases the octane rating in the fuel. A higher octane creates a more stabilized explosion and keeps these explosions from “pre-firing” and makes the fuel more efficient. 

That’s why high performance vehicles need to use higher octane fuel like 89, 91, or 93. Those numbers actually refer to the octane rating. The better the octane rating, the better performance of the fuel. 

But even if you fill up with an 87 octane rating fuel, you can use a fuel booster to help boost the performance and improve your gas mileage! 


Because fuel octane boosters help to 

  • Save 6-10% on fuel due to making it more efficient
  • Improve emissions
  • Reduce heat
  • Increase engine combustion temperatures resulting in more efficient fuel burning and increased engine power

How To Use A Fuel Booster

Our BestLine Racing Diamond Nano-Lube Fuel Treatment is added to your tank when it is empty. 

Before you fill up, add a bottle of the fuel booster to the tank and continue to add fuel as normal. 

One bottle of our fuel booster is good up to 250 miles, so you’ll need to add a bottle about every 3 to 4 fill ups! 

It’s a simple solution to help improve your overall vehicle performance and get the best bang for your buck when it comes to gas mileage. 

Drive further and more efficiently with a fuel octane booster! 

Want To Know More About Fuel Boosters? See BestLine Racing! 

So to answer the original question, “Do fuel boosters help gas mileage?” The answer is YES. 

You will notice an improvement in your vehicle and the fact that you can drive further than ever before. 

Want to know more about BestLine Racing products? Check out our blog page featuring articles like How To Get The Best Results From A Fuel Engine Treatment for more insight! 

You can also read our product reviews to see how our products help improve the vehicles of our customers!

For more information on what products will work best in your vehicle, contact us and speak to an expert! 

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