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Race engines perform better with BestLine because we don't lose our metal protection when the oil gets diluted from the fuel getting by the rings on high horsepower NHRA type race cars. 

You can expect: 

  • Quieter, smoother running engine
  • Lower Temperatures
  • Greater fuel efficiency due to reduced friction
  • Easier cold weather starting
  • Improved engine response
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Works will all quality mineral or full synthetic oils
  • We don't use anything that causes acidification of the oil that can cause pitting and wear like some other oil additives. 
  • We don't cause deposits ( gunk )to form in the crankcase.

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 Proper Maintenance Helps Extend Vehicle Life!

Your driving type or vehicle usage may affect the maintenance intervals below.

 You should follow the manufacturer's service schedule that best matches your vehicle's operating conditions.

Bottom line is that BestLine with its 52 worldwide patents prove that it protects the engine over these severe driving conditions and greatly reduces the tendency for the oil to become acidic. Increasing the life of the critical engine components is what we do best.




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