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Introducing Diamond Nano-Lube Oil Additive Technology

BestLine Racing Launches Diamond Nano-Lube Oil Additive Technology

An Anti-Scuffing And Ultra-Low Friction Technology

Diamond nano-particle, or nanodiamond technology, used in the production of lubricating oil, is a cutting-edge solution to scuffing, wear and friction issues in vehicle engines. Diamond nano-particle additives have been proven to maximize lubricant performance. But before you write these additives off as just another marketing ploy, you should know that their numerous benefits are backed by extensive, leading research in the field of nanotechnology.

BestLine Racing is proud to offer our Diamond Nano-Lube oil for high-performance gas and diesel engines. This ultra-low friction surface technology minimizes scuffing, friction and wear, and also improves the performance of low viscosity oils such as 0W-20 oils.

What are Nanodiamonds?

So, what exactly are nanodiamonds? Diamond nanoparticles are extremely small-sized particles of diamonds typically formed by detonation - graphitic carbon is briefly exposed to high temperatures, causing an explosion and synthesizing the particles. They undergo certain processes after detonation before they become the nanodiamond particles used in engine lube. The average particle size used in lubricants is between 4 to 6 nanometer (nm).   

Experimental studies have shown that these versatile particles, when added to engine lubricating oils, are scuffing-resistant and boast superior antiwear and antifriction properties, making them excellent additives for lubricants used in cars, motorcycles, race engines and other vehicles.

Benefits of Diamond Nanoparticles in Oil

#1. Minimizes Scuffing, Wear and Friction

Nanodiamond additives significantly reduce scuffing, friction and wear between moving parts in an engine by acting as nanoscale ball bearings between approaching surfaces. Also, the robust, protective tribofilm - fortified by the nanodiamond particles and formed between surfaces - significantly reduces scuffing, having a micro-polishing effect on surfaces, and minimize wear and friction between moving parts.

#2. Fuel Economy

This reduction in friction and mechanical wear is particularly important in terms of fuel economy when you consider that an increase in wear and friction directly leads to energy loss while operating your vehicle. This, in turn, means higher fuel costs. Using diamond nano-lube oil in your engine enhances and extends the service life of your vehicle, improves fuel efficiency and boosts fuel savings.

#3. Heat Protector

Research shows that diamond nanoparticle additives boost thermal conductivity of  lubricants; in other words, they improve heat transfer, reducing heat build-up and protecting your engine from overheating. This optimizes the performance of your vehicle and protects engine parts from costly, premature wear.

#4. Eco-Friendly Additive

There are different types of additives for engine lubricants which enhance lubricant performance. However, not all are safe for the environment. Nanodiamonds, which are made from carbon, are environmentally friendly. Also, with its fuel-efficiency advantage, diamond nano-lube oil directly reduces CO2 emissions, making them a great option for eco-conscious consumers.

BestLine Racing Diamond Nano-Lube Technology VS Nissan DLC Coating

While the many benefits of nanodiamonds in engine lubricating oil are undeniable, few lubricant manufacturers have caught up with this new innovation. Nissan offers a product which uses a similar technology - their hydrogen-free diamond-like carbon (DLC)*1 coating with special oil. While similar to the top-grade nano-lube oil we offer, the Nissan product is much more expensive. We guarantee that our prices are the best you will find anywhere, and we only use high-quality, high-performance nanodiamond additives, able to handle extreme pressure. 

For more information about BestLine Racing’s Diamond Nano-Lube oil, give us a call today.

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Oct 27, 2020
Bob Hadden

I ride an ’03 Harley Davidson Road King with the Twin Cam 88. This early version twin cam is renowned for cam tensioner wear and failure. Would you recommend this additive as a preventative to cam tensioner wear?

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