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Do Engine Oil Additives Really Work?

The Best Protection For Your Motor used cars and high mileage cars run like new again with BestLine added

 Application Guide BestLine Racing Products

New Dimond Nano-Lubricant Engine Oil Additives are Now Designed for Both Gas and Diesel Engines

  • Engine Oil Treatment:  Use a minimum of One Bottle for up to 5 quarts of oil for everyday driving. For race and hight performance motors use Two 12 ounce bottles for every 5 quarts of oil. Truckers use one Gallon with 9 Gallons of Engine Oil. 

  • Can be used with brand new engines, does not affect the break-in period. 
  • Can be mixed with 2-stroke oil at a rate of 20% mixed with the regular 2-stroke oil not the fuel. 
  • Gas & Diesel Fuel Treatments:  use one bottle for up to 50 gallons  Average usage use once for every 3-4 fill ups. 

  • Transmission Treatment: Use one bottle with any transmission, manual or automatic. Use also with CVT transmissions. Transfer cases, Power Steering and Differentials use 3 ounces of the Transmission Treatment in each.