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How Often Should You Use Fuel Additives?

Our cars are our lifelines to the world. It gets us from point A to B and beyond. Next to being in our home, we spend most of our time in our cars getting to work, dropping the kids off to school, running errands and more. So with this in mind, it's important to do everything we can to keep our cars running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

The one thing we use most often to keep our cars going is gasoline, or fuel to run it. 

But did you know? Not all gas is the same!

That’s right! Gasoline can be different depending on where you go to fill up!

In one of our more recent blogs, “5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Tank Of Gas” we talked about how gas companies will use additives to create a “better” or top tier fuel compared to regular fuel. 

However, these additives used by fuel companies to enhance the gasoline don’t compare to the professional formulated fuel additives created by companies like ours. 

What Is A Fuel Additive? 

A fuel additive is a mixture of ingredients that help enhance a vehicle's performance. It does this by utilizing the role fuel plays in moving throughout the engine. 

The additives help to keep the engine clean by removing sludge and oil build up, along with reducing emissions, reducing heat and allowing for better engine performance overall. 

The best part? It boosts your fuel efficiency and can help you reduce fuel consumption by 9%-15%!

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fuel additives

How Do You Use Fuel Additives?

Using fuel additives is quite simple and doesn’t take any knowledge of the inner workings of a vehicle to use! 

You just add one bottle of our Diamond Nanolube Fuel Saver to your empty gas tank and you’re on your way to improved vehicle performance and fuel savings!

When Do I Use Fuel Additives?

As we said above, you add a bottle of fuel additive to your empty gas tank. Once the bottle has been added you are good to go for up to 250 miles (about 3 fill ups) until you need to add it again. 

Since you don’t need to add a bottle every time you fill up, this makes it a great cost-efficient way to save on fuel and boost your cars performance overall. 

The more you consistently use fuel additives the better your car will run! You may notice some improvements after using one bottle of the additive, but after several uses you’ll most definitely notice the results! 

So use fuel additives as directed in your daily driver, antique car, diesel-powered truck and more! You’ll be impressed with the benefits it provides!

Want To Know More About Fuel Additives? See BestLine Racing!

If you’re looking for a professional, high-quality fuel additive, we’ve got you covered. Check out the reviews for our Fuel Saver fuel additive and you’ll see why it’s one of our most popular products!

To learn more about what products to use to help further enhance your vehicle's performance, contact us today for help!

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