How To Get The Best Results From Engine Treatment Products

How To Get The Best Results From Engine Treatment Products

When you think about car maintenance you probably think about fueling, cleaning the windows, washing, getting an oil change, changing the tires or getting a tune up. 

What you may not think of is the efficiency of your motor oil and how well your engine is performing. If you change your oil regularly, why would you think any different? 

The truth is, your car could benefit from engine treatment products

Motor Oil - The Basics 

The primary function of motor oil is to reduce friction between all the moving parts of your engine. 

Your engine is like your knee, and without the cartilage, you get bone-on-bone friction which causes pain and damage and eventually a knee replacement. 

Engine oil is like the cartilage, it keeps all the parts from grinding against each other, reduces friction and wear and tear. 

But there is much more that your engine oil can be doing for your car! Typical motor oil only contains about 15% - 30% of the essential additives needed to optimize your engine performance. 

What Is An Engine Treatment Product?

An engine treatment product is a liquid additive that improves the performance of your engine. 

When added in between oil changes you’ll boost your motor oil and allow it to continue working at its optimal rate. 

An Engine oil treatment not only continue to reduce friction, and improve lubrication, it also: 

  • Cleans and treats internal parts (No more sludge)
  • Improves fuel economy and performance
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Fortifies against oxidation and thermal breakdown 

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Another type of engine treatment is a fuel octane booster. It is also a liquid additive that improves your vehicle's performance. 

A fuel octane booster helps to reduce emissions in engine idling, reduce fuel consumption and improves engine performance overall. 

Both treatments can be used in tandem with each other for best results. 

How To Use Engine Oil Treatments

To use the engine oil treatment, you will want to keep track of the halfway mark between oil changes. Once you’ve reached close to that mileage, you can add in your engine oil treatment! 

You will add it straight to the oil reservoir and use 1 of our BestLine Diamond Nano-Lube bottles for every 5 quarts of oil. 

After that you can enjoy the boosted performance of your motor oil! 

To use the fuel octane booster you want to drive your car until it is almost completely empty and add the bottle to your gas tank BEFORE you fill up. 

One bottle treats up to 50 gallons so you will only need to do this about every 3 times you fill up your car! 

You will notice extended fuel economy, so it will take longer each time between fill ups! 

In order to get the best results from engine treatment products, continue to put the proper fuel in your car, and get regular oil changes. General maintenance like tire checks, inspections and tune ups will also help keep your car at optimal driving performance. 

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Let us help you get your car moving at its best, with our line of engine oil and fuel treatments. 

We use NANO Diamond technology and the highest quality ingredients to give you the best treatments on the market. 

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We also encourage you to contact us with questions regarding which of our products will be most beneficial for your car! 

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