Engine Treatment Data Sheet

Third-Party Testing

Do Engine Oil Additives Really Work?

The Best Protection For Your Motor used cars and high mileage cars run like new again with BestLine added

Diamond Nano-Lube by BestLine Racing™

  • Improves Fuel Economy and Performance
  • Protects Against System Corrosion 
  • Fortifies Against Oxidation and Thermal Breakdown
  • Extreme Pressure Lubricant
  • No Melting Point due to the Diamond Nano-Lubricating Particles
  • Suitable for Race and Daily Drivers
  • Race Proven Under Extreme Conditions



Directions for use:

  • Be sure to use during each oil change for optimal results
  • 5 quart oil capacity = 12 ounces of DNL Engine Treat (cars)
  • 9 gallon oil capacity= 1 Gallon of DNL Engine Treat (Semi/Large Trucks)
  • 1 quart oil capacity = 3 ounces of DNL Engine Treat (motorcycles/small oil capacity)



Packaging Options:

  • 12 ounce bottle
  • 4 pack of 12 ounce bottles
  • 1 gallon containers
  • 5 gallon containers
  • 55 gallon barrels