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Power Train Lubricant(1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters)

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BestLine Power Train is an extreme pressure micro-lubricant that well suited for all alternative fluids and gear oils. Power Train cleans the valve body and plates, creating a slick and effective shift and cooler operation temperature for an automatic transmission.

The BestLine Powertrain Treatments are a unique 100% pure synthetic metal treatment that is compatible with all motor oils. BestLine Engine Treatment is engineered specifically for the internal combustion engine. Gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane, it makes no difference. It is a metal treatment that utilizes your engine oil base oil but is not intended to replace your engine’s oil. Your engine oil contains a package of oil additives designed to perform a variety of tasks crucial to engine performance.

BestLine Powertrain Treatment coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules. Without BestLine, within hours of turning your engine off, virtually no oil remains on engine parts; gravity will have drained it all into the oil sump. Ninety percent of an engine’s wear occurs during cold starts in the first critical moments before the motor’s oil fully circulates. BestLine's Engine Treatment can help protect your engine from wear by providing a crucial layer of protection.

The BestLine Power Train and Engine Treatment utilizes the package of additives present in your own oil and so takes on the characteristics of whichever oil it is used with, synthetic or mineral. BestLine with its 52 worldwide patents is most effective under the most severe operating conditions. Unlike many oil additives and engine treatments, BestLine will not interfere with engineered tolerances and cannot adversely affect the engine performance. BestLine contains no solids of any kind. It contains no ZDDP, molybdenum disulfide or any potentially toxic and environmentally hazardous metals such as copper or lead or any other metal.

BestLine helps break the vicious cycle of heat from friction expanding the metal resulting in more friction, which may ultimately cause engine failure. Conventional oil becomes less viscous at elevated temperatures and flows away from the heat. However, BestLine is actually attracted to any hot spots. These hot spots are areas where tighter engineering tolerances make for increased friction and therefore more heat and wear. With the increased temperature there will be an increase in available charge, which attracts more of the BestLine molecules, bonding them to the metal surface. This provides crucial increased lubrication of the metal where it is needed most.

One other possible advantage of using BestLine products results from the reduction of friction. Without the wear occurring when two metal surfaces come into contact due to the buffer presented by two protective layers of BestLine, there will be much fewer wear particles formed. Any that pre-exist treatment, will also be encased in their own protective envelope of BestLine. These wear particles would normally increase the pace of the degradation of the oil, so using BestLine can extend the life of your oil. We do not, however, endorse deviating in any manner from the manufacturer’s guidelines with respect to the frequency of oil changes. Failure to regularly change your oil can result in the voiding of a manufacturer’s warranty. Using our products to reduce wear and improve lubrication will not void a warranty. Generally, it is not that oil is worn out that requires oil changes; more often it is that the package of additives in the oil will have been exhausted and require replenishment.

BestLine has proven to extend the useful life of the oil and allow it to work better for longer but we DO NOT recommend deviating from manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.

This unique, specially developed, time tested and proven product can be a tremendous boost to the efficiency of your automobile. To maximize these benefits, you should utilize the entire BestLine product line: Fuel Conditioner to lubricate the upper engine and improve the burn characteristics of the fuel, thereby releasing more energy; Powertrain Formulation to reduce drag and friction down the drive train.

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